Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Glo rice and noodle bar - London Asian food that fills up your stomach in a hurry

Glo+rice+and+noodles+bar+review+LondonTired of our canteen food, we headed out during lunch on a sunny afternoon wondering around in the City of London looking for a something to fill our stomachs. Before long, we were in the shadow of Swiss Re building, affectionately known to Londoners as the Gherkin. That doesn't say much does it as that description practically covers half the City.

Anyway, Glo - rice and noodle bar, was literally sitting next to the Gherkin and what caught our eyes was the promise of hot food. Was Glo just another Wagamama wannabe? The two of us attempted to find out.


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Cashmere said...

Hmm... The rendang does look a bit unappetizing. I guess you just can't get the same stuffs ther compared to over here.. ;)

C K said...

The real thing looked far worse. Almost made me lose my appetite. That says quite a bit. :)