Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New or Old, which is better?


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Dutchie said...

York or New York ? Just a thought but New York was New Amsterdam b4 ya ?! Come to think of it, it's a damn shame that the dutch gave up this piece of land ... our Treasury would benefit greatly from it in the present day ;-p

SheR. said...

Greetings from Singapore!!
It's always new! :P

Dutchie said...

SheR :-) !!!

How true ! Bet we need a map to find our way around the island when we get there ... if we get there at all - haha. Perhaps u can write a blog abt the changes that u hv encountered ?

Lady Banana said...

Not visited either...

kyh said...

NYC!!! nvr been to either but the passion, the energy, the spirit of NYC on TV and books just captivate me!

William Wallace said...

I need to get myself to New York, and experience the buzz of the place for myself. York I will maybe visit there when if I make it to 100!

C K said...

Reminds me of the catchy tune in Mona Lisa (starring Julia Roberts)... "Istanbul, not Constantinople....". Can't recall the name of the song though but it did mention about New York was once New Amsterdam.

How're things back home? Any major changes? Eat more!!

@Lady Banana,
Go for York, wrote a short piece about my visit here..

It was a bit too loud for me... everything seems so... huge. It was rather bewildering to put the least. lol

@William Wallace,
The exchange rate has tilted towards Sterling again of late. Looking at how the UK's economy is, you might want to bring forward your visit. heheh.