Monday, August 17, 2009

Interesting questions London tourists ask


I was sent this interesting article on Times Online today on being a tourist in your own city. If you would scroll to the end, you'll see a list of questions posted at the City of London Information Centre that you'll never thought someone would ask.

Below are a sample of these questions.

  1. Are there guided tours of M15?
  2. When do the clowns come on at Piccadilly Circus?
  3. What number in Oxford Street is Oxford University?
  4. Which side of the river is London Bridge on?
  5. Whereabouts is the Eiffel Tower?
For the entire list, refer to the original article.

Have you encountered similar questions from tourists in your hometown?

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Dutchie said...

Hm .. where is the best venue for some straight forward answers indeed ?

When we were touring the western part of USA, we came across folks who hv no idea where NL or SG was !
My boss here is from NYC n he was surprised to meet (me) a chinese instead of a malay bec he thought SG was a malayan state 0_o !

Most dutch I met here assumed that I'm from China n works in a restaurant.

My Russian classmates at the language centre years back, actually asked abt my asylum status - haha. Anyhoo, once they realised the truth, they were envious that I came from "the switzerland of asia" ...

How was it with u when u first landed in UK ?

C K said...

It seems that you had a more 'interesting' experience. The only thing incident that I encountered is a property agent thought that S'pore is part of China, that's about all.

Well, it seems that our tiny isle isn't spending enough on its PR, isn't it?

Emm said...

Hee hee. We had a good giggle about the London Bridge one. Your blog is looking good!! Why did you take down your header image by the way? I keep wanting to ask but didn't want to be nosy. :) I liked your header image - it gave your blog a very London feel!

C K said...

Thanks! Was thinking that the previous banner looks a bit dated and thought of tinkering around with it a bit. I am into a 'clean' look now. :)