Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pity the small man



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Dutchie said...

"mind the gap" does hv a different connotation when u put it like that. Ah, poor u ! Why not sent an email to the local paper ? Those punters might just read them n stop bugging the small man ?!

lina said...

Poor man. :D

Nothing like a whiff of something nasty before you start work. ;)

kyh said...

HAHA! u're good at these caricatures stuff, arent u? ;)

u shud bring a face mask next time, which might just be a prevention against the ongoing pandemic as well.

Cashmere said...

Lol! A whiff would've made ur sleepyhead wide awake.. ;P

C K said...

That's the London Underground's tagline. Compared to the MRT back home, the gaps between the Tube train is huge. A kid just fell into it not so long ago. Luckily someone pulled him up in time.

Oh yah, wakes you up immediately. :)

Speaking of which, swine flu seems to be off the headlines for now. How's it going over at your end?

The summer heat just made it worse. Then again, we have just saw the end of summer and going into autumn proper. Woot!