Friday, August 14, 2009

Soseki - Japanese fine dining in London

Soseki+review+London+authentic+Japanese+restaurantAfter a meat fest for the past week or so, we were ready for something light, something refreshing, something delicate, something Japanese. So there we were, poring though the internet for good eats until we stumbled upon Soseki on Squaremeal.

According to Soseki's website, it functions on the concept of seasonal cooking. In other words, Soseki's chef creates a menu based on the freshest ingredients that they can find in the market during that day itself. The only time that we have come across that is at a ryokan (Japanese inn) in Kyoto, which used to be reserved for Japanese feudal lords in the 1600s.

Well, if the meal at Soseki even came close to the one that we had at the ryokan, it would be well worth its price.


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