Monday, August 10, 2009

National Day Celebrations at Singapore High Commission in London - how it went

Singapore+National+Day+London+celebration+cakeWe arrived late at the National Day Celebration at the Singapore High Commission at London. The event started at 6.30pm on Friday evening, an insanely early time to start a party even in London. With most of us knocking off at 6pm, I guess the only people who were in time for the Minister's speech, reciting of pledge and singing of the national anthem were homemakers and embassy staff.

A number of Met police, who looked a little too jovial to be out in uniform on a Friday evening were providing police presence outside the Singapore High Commission when we arrived. They were probably there to quell the riot if the food were to run out.

The party was in full swing when we walked into the High Commission. We even missed the cutting of the cake, which according to the program booklet printed on two A4 sheets, took place barely two minutes of us arriving!

Without a tie, I did look a bit conspicuous. In fact, the only people I observed not spotting one were the serving staff and the official photographer. Well, with dinner time approaching, I would have made a beeline for the buffet table but decided to grab a drink instead. I suspect the event was running on a tight budget as the makeshift bar was serving Tesco orange and apple juice with red wine. Nothing wrong with that; with Temasek Holdings and GIC losing quite a chunk, it does pay to be prudent.

Those of us who were hoping for a feast couldn't help being a bit disappointed. Other than plain (fragrant) rice, chicken rice and lamb curry, there was also satay, fried chicken wings, stir fry vegetables and a couple of empty trays that I suspect weren't to begin with. I am not sure where the food was catered from but the satay tasted somewhat more like the ones served at Satay House than those from Puji Puji.

With familiar Singapore national songs playing in the background, I was looking for familiar faces in the crowd. Failing which, I decided to give the cake a go but gave up after just one bite. Some cakes are meant just for show and not consume; the thick icing laden on it rendered too sweet for anyone who had passed their teenage years.

A pity that I did not get to find out who was the Minister who graced the event. Oh, before I forget, a belated Happy Birthday to Singapore, from a Singaporean in London halfway round the globe. That evening, I left with a full stomach and a little tipsy, but felt a little closer to home.

Were you there? How did you find it?

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waitingkitty said...

Happy National Day, CK! This year's NDP was fantastic! My 5th year watching it over webcast...the stage was really cool!

Dutchie said...

Well, a full tummy maketh a happy man, no ? *wink*

The cake looks good. I dont like icing on cakes either. Give me whipped cream anytime *big smiles*

To mark the occasion, I did bake cup cakes n dish up a small feast. Hubby was all too happy to join in the fun :-D

C K said...

Really? Hmm, will look for clips on YouTube then. Thanks for the heads up! Any celebrations over at your end?

Oh yeah, just had a heavy lunch, had to waddle back to the office thereafter.

What dishes did you conjure up this time round? Any national songs playing in the background? I guess all of us celebrated in our own little ways.

I heard that some went to London Chinatown Rasa Sayang for a celebration. They even lined out outside to recite the Pledge after that. Oh my...

drcrab said...

"I heard that some went to London Chinatown Rasa Sayang for a celebration. They even lined out outside to recite the Pledge after that. Oh my..."...

you are KIDDING ME!!?!! (did they do it under duress... or alcohol?!?! )

C K said...

Erm, no duress and they look sober in the picture taken. Head towards Overseas Singaporean Portal (Forum) for more pictures!