Friday, September 4, 2009

Bodean's BBQ - Tower Hill burger joint

Bodean+BBQ+Tower+Hill+London+burger+jointIn my Cover London in One Day guide, I was recommending that visitors to Tower of London have their lunch at the two fish and chips stalls or the Wagamama in the Tower's vicinity.

What was I thinking about? I mean, Wagamama charges at least £10 a meal but offers only canteen style long tables, not to mention the long queues during lunch times. The fish and chips stalls aren't better. At £4.50 a pop, you would have to suffer the indignity of consuming your lunch under the watchful eyes of pigeon droves, which are always ready to make a quick dash for your chips.

Unknown to many tourists, just across Tower Hill Terrace, there is a cosy little burger joint. Bodeon's BBQ offers hearty meals just under £7.


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Nomadic Matt said...

I like the new layout. a lot lighter!

William Wallace said...

When I was back home in Aberdeen, finding good fish and chip shops was easy and they were reasonable cheap, but here in London they try to rob you blind for rubbish.

C said...

@Nomadic Matt,
Thanks! Thought that removing the clutter is a good idea.

@William Wallace,
Heard that some chippy tried replacing cod using a Korean fish, though the taste is somewhat similar, the latter's cost is lower.

I frequent one in Highbury that sells a decent size for just three quid. Not too bad at all.

William Wallace said...

Three quid thats a minor miracle for London....