Monday, September 14, 2009

Buying a Jackfruit from London Chinatown - the feeling of home comes with a hefty price tag

jackfruit+London+Chinatown+Xing+Long+FengLondon, being a cosmopolitan at its soul, has over 250 languages uttered along its streets on a daily basis. Perhaps only New York City is the only other place that is comparable. Together with their language, newcomers bring their own exotic food along. I guess food that one grew up with does bring home a little closer.

We were at Chinatown over the weekend trying to get some spices that simply cannot be found in our local supermarkets. I was queuing up at the cashier when I saw an middle aged bespectacled Chinese customer hoisting up half a jackfruit onto the payment counter.

The bored looking cashier, with some effort, moved that jackfruit onto a scale and proceeded to weigh it.

"£24.50", he mentioned to the customer in English without looking up from the scale. Though both of the cashier and the customer are ethnic Chinese, they obviously don't speak the same dialect.

When that failed to illicit a response, he looked up. I would imagine that the customer's expression must be been pretty amusing as the cashier was trying hard to suppress a smile. The customer waved his hand in hurried manner, muttered something under his breath and quickly left the shop, leaving the jackfruit on the counter.

It's apparent that he wasn't prepared to pay the premium for having that jackfruit flying halfway across the globe. As I walked out of the provision store, I saw that the jackfruit has been returned to its basket. I guess the customer wouldn't be keen on the durian as well.

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William Wallace said...

I guess sometimes there are things from back home that tempt the stomach , but not quite enough to part with a small fortune for it.

I was a bit luckier the other day when I found some Mount Gay Rum, which I developed a taste for when I lived in Barbados. It was only about double the price here, which had me parting with my cash rather quickly.

FĂ«anor said...
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C K said...

@William Wallace,
I just blew a tiny fortune on mooncakes the other day at Chinatown. At £4.50 each, it's just marginally more expensive as compared to back home. Had minor indigestion that night. :)