Monday, September 21, 2009

Lan Zhou La Mian (Noodle Bar) - fresh handmade noodles served with a smile

Zhen+Zhong+Lan+Zhou+La+Mian+Noodle+Bar+Leicester+SquareTill this day, it never fails to fascinate me as to how many visitors to London's Chinatown flocks to the many buffets that one can find in the vicinity of Leicester Square.

It almost seems that Chinese cuisine is synonymous to buffets (though there are a smattering of Thai buffets in London as well) - you don't see the Italians, Spaniards or even the Britons doing buffets anywhere else but it's inevitable that you will find a Chinese all-you-can-eat for only £x at every turn you make at Chinatown; the figure that follows the pound sign will determine whether your food looks palatable.

Imagine my joy to find Zhen Zhong Lan Zhou La Mian (Noodle Bar) at Cranbourne Street - just across Charing Cross road sitting immediately opposite one of Leicester Square Tube station's exit. Fresh noodles hand-made from dough right in front of your eyes served to you with a smile. You don't really get that nowadays, at least not in London's Chinatown.


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William Wallace said...

I wish I could order that soup right now, it look delicious.

I must admit I like the occasional visit to Thai or Chinese buffets and they can be a hit or a miss. But when you find a good one, you get amazing value for money.

C K said...

Hmm, not all the buffets are bad. Personally, I find the Mr Wu along Shaftesbury being good value for money. Though the amount of MSG means that you'll be thirsty for the entire day.

Have you been to any good ones?