Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Devonshire Square Farmers Market - fresh food in City of London

Devonshire+Square+Farmers+Market+signboardI was walking along the streets after lunch when I saw a sign pointing - Farmer's Market, this way. A farmer's market in the City of London? I have to check it out.

I followed the signs and came to Devonshire Square where the market is held. The market was already bustling with the lunch-time crowd.

A long queue has formed at the stall set up by Parsons Nose, offering free range hog roast while there was a steady stream of customers at another stall offering oysters. Several other stalls offered delightful cakes and pastries while others sold the usual groceries - meat, vegetables, fruits, cheese and eggs.

In terms of size, it could not be compared with the Borough Market but it was just the right size to offer a certain coziness. I was full after my lunch but I just could not resist buying a cheese straw from one of the confectionery stalls, which turned out to be lovely and flavourful when I had it for my tea later. I was delighted to find organic pak choi as well. Pak choi, a common ingredient in Chinese dishes, is not difficult to find in the supermarkets but to find an organic variety is rare. I gleefully bought a handful for my dinner that night.

I was pleased to find that the market will be a monthly affair, to be held on the first Wednesday of each month. For more information, see the official website. I have marked it in my calendar and the next time round, nothing will stand between me and the hog roast!

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