Monday, September 7, 2009

New Seoul Restaurant - game for some Korean barbecue?

New+Seoul+Restaurant+review+London+ChowLately, London has been hit by gales. Not those that threw junks around in the Hongkong's harbor but strong winds. Fine, it's more of a breeze, a chilly one at that. It's the time of the year when alfresco dining businesses luck out (the ice cream vans are still doing a roaring trade, strange), when everyone dons a pullover for work and it's understood that the shirts beneath are crumpled beyond recognition. More importantly, it's the time for hot piping indoor barbecue and no one does it better than the Koreans.

I chanced upon this Korean restaurant, New Seoul, along Clerkenwell Road after a full meal at The Fryer's Delight just down the road. It took me some effort to drag myself away New Seoul but I guess having anything else after a full fish and chips meal would have really made me sick. I made a mental note to return soon.

And return I did, with three other buddies on a Friday evening, looking forward to a hot piping Korean barbecue.


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Dutchie said...

Is that u in front of the New Seoul Restuarant ;-p ?

I cant access the page on London Chow. I get either "there's a script that slowing down ur internet" or "IE is not responding" ... this went on after 5 trials.

Anyone else has encountered similar problems ?

C K said...

I'm the one holding the camera. Not sure who that unfortunate soul is. :)

Thanks for letting me know about London Chow hanging on you. I don't actually have the problem with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

Will look into it again. Cheers!