Friday, September 25, 2009

Tastes of Singapore at Selfridges Foodhall - Singapore cuisine introduced to Londoners

Taste+of+Singapore+at+Selfridges+Foodhall+Singapore+food+in+London"Singaporeans love their food!" I declared to my colleague the other day much to his amusement. Can't really blame him. I would probably have felt the same if someone told me that in between mouthfuls of chicken rice over lunch (Wife boiled a whole chicken the day before and the result was heavenly).

After holding Singapore Day 2009 in London's Hampton Court Palace in April where popular Singaporean street fare were distributed free of charge (yep, took me some time to gather my wits when I first heard that), the Singapore government, affectionately known as 'our gahmen' by fellow countrymen, will be promoting the 'Taste of Singapore' at Selfridges' Foodhall from 1st Oct - 7th Oct.

According to the official website, the visitors to the Taste of Singapore will not only get to purchase the ingredients required for the popular Singaporean dishes, there will also be cooking demonstrations, food tasting and sampling every single day.

I don't know about you but that's another event added to my calender.

Read about how Tastes of Singapore went.

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Dutchie said...

It's abt time they bring a similar demo to mainland Europe lah ! Holland is quite the centre of the universe here, dont u agree ;-p ?!

C K said...

lol, but of course. Hmm, just wonder how much did it take to convince Selfridges to host Taste of Singapore.

I heard that Makansutra's Sito will be dropping by as well.