Thursday, September 10, 2009

Whitstable beaches - London weekend getaway 2/5

rows of yachts against a clear sky

With multitude of roadsigns pointing towards the Whitstable's beach, it's hard to miss the coast once you are strolling along High Street and Harbour Street. The whiff of of oysters accompanying the saltiness of the sea is unmistakable.

A decent beach comes with its beach houses and you'll be hard-pressed to find another stretch of beach in England with more beach houses. In fact, in some stretches, the beach houses are two ranks' deep and now that's maximising landuse.

double storey beach houses - nowhere does it like Whitstable

fancy something nearer to the water?

Though a number of them are for rental, it is apparent that most, especially those more spacious ones, are occupied by their owners. Watching the sun sets in the horizon by your beach house front porch (I said they are spacious, didn't I?), knowing that your yatch is now sitting high and dry up the pebbled beach, and sipping a lemonade while slurping off some oysters - now, that's life.

have a pint in the sunset, with oysters that is

breakwaters slowing the inevitable

windmills in the horizon - the answer to the future?

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drcrab said...

2nd picture of double storey beach houses - those are actually for rent for holiday/stays. They are owned by the hotel near by.

the other single storey ones are owned (mostly) and definitely cannot stay - no heating (there's water and electric though)...!

The owned ones are going for about 10-12K. You want to buy? lol

C K said...

Oh, definitely! Tell me which one's yours and I'll get one beside that. :)