Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whitstable Harbour Books - London weekend getaway 4/5

speaking of getting carried away...

Face it. Whitstable would probably be the last place in the UK that you would look for a decent bookstore. Borders and Waterstone aside, London's Charing Cross has its fair share of independent quirky bookstores with rows of dusty books for those who take great joys in discover that long sought after tomb.

I came across the equivalent of Marylebourne's Daunt Books in Whitstable's Harbour Street. Aptly named Harbour Books, the discount book store had this old world charm where every book is haphazardly categorised into broad (and I mean really broad) sections. Split into two foors, the actual floor space looks bigger than it actually is and the tiny rooms sprung up in odd corners helps quite a bit.

the small town book store is big in character

shelves of books available, if only we had more time

After spending most of my cash at the oyster bars, I asked the cashier whether they accept cards. All accept Amex, a pleasant lady replied matter of factly and I was let loose in the store.

Though I would have loved to spend hours in Harbour Books, time was tight as evening approached. I left with a number of books under my arms and managed to finish one of them, Honour and Shame, an Irish Guard wartime narrative, on the train ride back home. I highly recommend that for those who know the difference between an OP and harbour site, and between a Thomson and a Bren.

Fine, I have digressed.

hear, hear!

Anyway, if you are in Whitstable, don't even think of venturing into Harbour Books until you have pretty much cover the rest of the seaside town. Simply because time seems to be pass at a different pace once you step right in.

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Dutchie said...

When in Amsterdam, we usually head straight for De Slegte. It's a 3 storey shop packed with antique editions, 2nd hand books as well as new publications. I tend to zero-in on packaged romance novels (€ 12,00 for 4 !) while hubby is upstairs digging into some obscure publications on whatever topic that takes his fancy.

In SG he often joked abt camping overnite in Borders bec there r endless new books he would like to hv. Yeah, he can really drool over them as well - haha.

C K said...

I remember when Borders first opened in S'pore, there were huge crowds literally camping in the store just browsing. Borders is the first bookstore that actually allows browsing back home. The situation was so bad that the store had to drastically reduce sitting capacity!

Though Amazon does stock pretty much everything that Borders offer (if not more), nothing beats having a physically browsing copy in your hand. :)

Kaylovesvintage said...

one of my fav bookshop"'s