Friday, September 11, 2009

Whitstable oyster paradise - London getaway 3/5

fresh oysters with a dash of cranberry juice, pepper and a slice of lemon

Though Whitstable is so much more, it is most known for its oysters. Without its fresh oysters, Whitstable would probably be yet another sleepy seaside town.

Whitstable Oysters Co, operating in the premises of Royal Native Oysters Store is a landmark in Whitstable. Unfortunately, we were a bit late and missed out on its lunch hours (till 2.30pm) so we had to make do with the oyster stall that it operates just across a small plank walkway.

the Royal Native Oysters Store

70p each, quite a bargain even though I find cheaper ones further along the beach

for reinforcing barrier reefs

At only 70p per (opened) oyster, it is a bargain compared to the makeshift store just beside Tower of London, which goes for £1.50. We later discovered that it goes for only 50p each further down the beach, but still.

The guy who helped us pried open the oyster's shell was pleasant enough and asked us whether it was the first time we had oysters. Well, after the hepatitis scare back home when I was a kid, I try to stay away from raw shelled seafood so I guess that effectively made us first timers.

Upon seeing that one oyster was obviously larger than the other, he promptly gave us another one. With a squeeze of lemon and a dash of lemon, the oysters tasted heavenly.

Later, we decided that we had to have more of that and popped into Wheelers Oysters Bar along Whitstable's High Street and polished off a further half a dozen. With a crab pincer thrown in, it cost us a decent £6.50. not too bad for fresh seafood.

Wheelers Oyster Bar - you can't miss this pink store along Whitstable's High Street

though the oyster bar has a sit in restaurant, do try sitting on the high stools in front of the bar itself

half a dozen of oysters served up!

There's something about slurping off raw soft plump oysters directly off the shells. The Romans probably invaded Britannia because of that.

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Lizzie said...

Is that really cranberry juice in the top picture? that's quite unusual to the standard shallot vinegar you get.

I love Whitstable, and have also been to the oyster festival. The nearby Sportsman is also great, though do book well in advance.

C K said...

Hold on a sec, is Sportsman a place? lol. Just love the names, don't you? It's getting cold now so have been trying to stay in London most of the time.

Hmm, that was cranberry juice or at least we were told that was.

drcrab said...

The Sportsman is a v famous restaurant/pub.

good food, good location, good atmosphere.

C K said...

Thanks! Didn't come across that when we were there. Should have sound you out for on our next outing. :)

drcrab said...

no worries - we were in London on the weekend with a wedding at the Ritz on Sat and then dimsum on Sun. Yums! :)

C K said...

Oh, I did recall that you had to attend a wedding at Ritz. How did that go?

More importantly, where to for dim sum? lol

drcrab said...

wedding went well - v beautiful. got a pic of G on my blog...! :)

dimsum - at Lido (see blog). didn't realise this but apparently lots of other people think Lido's yummy for dimsum too. It was my 2nd time there, and I went with a BBC both times. I guess they know what's a good chinese restaurant too eh?!

talk soon.