Sunday, September 13, 2009

Whitstable Tudor Tea Rooms - London weekend getaway 5/5

one of the few places opened during off meal timings

I know I bit off more than I could chew when I decided on a five part series on Whitstable alone. Kind of reminds me of how I was still writing about Chinese New Year even though the celebrations had long passed. Ditto with the trip to Rome. Short of going back to alter the titles of all previous posts, I just had to squeeze something out for the 5/5 of the trip to Whitstable. At least I can now tell myself that the trip's well worth.

Being me, the notion of food is never far. Anyway, we actually wanted to lunch at Whitstable Oyster Company but the last order for lunch was at 2.30pm and we stepped into the restaurant only at 2.45pm. Well, we did get a bit carried away with slurping oysters along the beach. After walking past a number of dubious looking local pubs, we finally decided to give Tudor House Tea Room a try.

It was already past 3pm when we stepped into the tea rooms and there was no one in the main restaurant. Upon confirming that the place was opened for business, we opted to have the late lunch in the garden behind the restaurant instead.

entire slice of cod fillet, which was pretty well done

Out under the glaring sun with a cool breeze, what else could we have ordered other than cream scones, tea and fish and chips? I couldn't think of a more apt way of ending perfect weekend getaway from London. A return ticket from Victoria station (1h 30min) costs only £25.80 from MyTrainTicket.

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William Wallace said...

That fish and chips looks very appetising, however the salad spoils it, give me some mushy peas instead.

FĂ«anor said...

Well, you totally beat us to it. We've been planning a Whitstable trip for yonks.

Raw oysters, eh? Hmm... After what happened at the Fat Duck, I'm a bit less enthusiastic

C K said...

@William Wallace,
lol, I specially requested for that. Have to cleanse the system a bit after a week of indulgence. But I agree, mushy peas beats salad hands down.

I'm still good so I guess the oysters passed the hygiene test. I was staring at the oyster stall at Tower of London the other day and they've changed the pricing to half a dozen for £7. Hmm, business seemed quite slow for them.