Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wonderful Patisserie - where to get mooncakes for Mid Autumn Festival in London

Wonderful+Patisserie+Mid+Autumn+Festival+mooncake+London+ChinatownI was telling Wife how we are in a rather peculiar situation right now. With Mid Autumn Festival just round the corner (3rd Oct this year), we have bought but one mooncake from Wonderful Patisserie at Chinatown. If we were back home, we would probably be rushing around town trying sample the varieties that the bakeries and hotel chains have come up with.

We would probably not only be getting mooncakes for ourselves but for our family, friends and colleagues as well. At around S$25 - S$50 (£22) per box of four, we could be hundreds of dollars out of pocket. Surprisingly, when I was at Wonderful Pattiserie two weekends back, I actually hesitated even to get one; we did walk out with one eventually (£4.80) and for what it's worth, we picked a double egg yolk variety.

a double egg yolk mooncake, it's gone in 90 seconds flat

I will be very surprised if there's any mooncakes left at Wonderful Patisserie at this moment in time given that Mid Autumn Festival is only a couple of days away. But if you're in the vicinity, do check out the array of cake rolls on offer - they go for between £3 - £4.50 each. A princely sum but I heard that they're pretty good.

you have seen nothing yet...

different varieties of mooncakes sold singly and in tin boxes of four

swiss rolls come in pandan, chocolate and strawberry flavours

Wonderful Patisserie
45 Gerrard Street, London W1D 5QQ
Tel: 020 7734 7629

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Dutchie said...

I like the shop - it's bright n clean :-) The arrays of cakes r so tempting. Those red tin boxes of mooncakes r what we bought.

I was telling hubby that I used to stop after savouring one wedge of the mooncake. This time we had half each n it's not that heavy on the tummy. Could it be that they r smaller in size ?

Btw, anyone tasted the durian variety in SG yet ?

lina said...

At least you got A mooncake for the festival. :)

No chance of getting freebies mooncakes when overseas?

C K said...

I've tried the durian varieties back home. They're not bad when fresh but get a bit yucky if left aside some time. Most are flavoured with essence so you get a bit sick with the taste after a couple of slices. Have you tried those that are made with real durian pulp/

No chance of that in London. At least I don't know where. :)

Dutchie said...

Not been back during the mid-autumn festival, so no chance of tasting the durian yummies. Ate alot of durian puffs from Bread Talk tho :-)

Once hubby was in Kaoshung at the right time n he was flabbergasted with the very wide varieties. He managed to stop over at SG n hand over the goodies to my family b4 heading to the next destination. I only got the brochures *pouts*

C K said...

LOL, I think you mentioned the exact same thing about the brochures last year. How time flies...

Oh, those durian puffs... one per mouthful, just the right size. :)