Friday, October 23, 2009

DLR beats London Dungeons flat for those seeking the thrill factor

I've not tried London Dungeons at London Bridge and will probably never. I know of some who have and they have hardly anything nice to say about the experience, and online reviews often describe it as a tourist trap.

I guess the stake was driven in when I saw the promotion bundle for both the London Eye and London Dungeon. I doubt you'll ever see the day when you could do two for the price of one with Phantom of the Opera and Le Miserables.

Docklands Light Railway (DLR) beats London Dungeons hands down

If you're going for a thrill ride, you're better off on the DRL. I am absolutely serious. Now that I take regular trips on the DLR, I can't help but notice that it does get kind of rough on certain stretches along the train line. Personally, I would recommend trying to balance, facing the back of the train (so that you can't see where the train is heading and thus up the ante, thrilling eh?), while the DLR is going from Shadwell towards Bank. It doesn't work the opposite direction where the line is better laid, it must be the stretch from Shadwell to Bank.

There you go, a more affordable alternative to the London Dungeons. Forget about those bloody zombies, try falling into a bunch of irate commuters for the experience of your life!

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Steph said...

Funny/weirdly enough, I had my first date with my current BF at the dungeons. They're definitely a tourist trap, but we had a great laugh over the absurdity of it all and an excellent time :)

C K said...

It's one of those things that are so bad that they are good then? If only I can persuade Wife to go along for this. lol.