Friday, October 9, 2009

First Impression of London - guest post by Wenbin

Hi there, Wenbin here from Better Interpersonal Communication. I’ve recently arrived for the first time in London, and I thought I would just guest post on A Singaporean in London to provide, from a fresh perspective, how a Singaporean might view London.

Upon arriving at Heathrow, I was expecting to find a run down, minimalist sort of place, having heard stories from friends and family about how lousy the airport is. However, Heathrow was rather adequate. Nothing too fanciful, but it got the job done.

One thing, please exchange your cash in Singapore. The exchange rate spread here is terrible.

The London transportation system is extremely developed. There are train links to all sorts of places, as evident from its complex tube map. I expected the London “Underground” to be a fully underground mass rapid transit line. However, to my surprise, lots of trains run on rails on the surface.

Its bus system is also something to admire. The waiting time for buses here are generally shorter than that of Singapore. In addition, buses have internal public announcements and LCD screens to report its location. This is great for first timers who are not very familiar with the way here..After being in London for only about 2 days, one thing that struck me deeply about it was the rich history that this city has. This is evident it the highly efficient transportation system described above. It takes time for a system to evolve into something so complex.

In addition, London, or at least Central London from what I’ve seen, is an extremely beautiful place. The buildings and streets are all breathtakingly beautiful, with a colonial classic flavour to them

The people here are also truly multicultural. Just take a walk along central London and you will notice the wide ranging accents that permeate the atmosphere. This shows the importance of having good interpersonal communication skills in today’s multicultural environment.

London is truly a special place, rich in history, culture and sights. Definitely one to visit, from a newcomer’s perspective.

If you have just arrived in London and would love to share your experiences with the rest of us, do give me a shout at!

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Emm said...

Aw, this is a great post! It is so nice to see London in the eyes of someone who has just arrived! Hope you enjoy it here Wenbin.