Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Cheap Singapore Airlines tickets

It's the time of the year when the tropicans in London are heading home for a vacation. Late autumn and winter always see South East Asians, Australians and New Zealanders flying home. Though London's winter is mild compared to many European cities, you can't really blame us for yearning for some sun, sand and sea.

Then again, the huge demand over Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year always drives up the cost of plane tickets. A return trip on Singapore Airlines cost just under £500 (taxes inclusive) during the off peak season and the same would cost a whopping £1200 during this super peak season.

If you have been, like me, thinking that the best deal could be had at, you're in for a huge surprise. Unknown to many, there are a number of private travel agencies operating inthe UK that offer Singapore Airline tickets at more competitive rates. One of the more reliable ones is Lee's Travel Emporium Ltd.

Not only would the bored sounding guy, who speaks with a distinct Singaporean accent, provide you with a quote over the phone almost immediately, he would actually give you a call once there's a Singapore Airline fare promotion if you would leave your number with him. He's a nice chap really.

Absolutely no affliation here but do give Lee's a call the next time you're heading home. Who knows? You might save yourself a pile in the process.

Phone: 020-8452 8882

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Cashmere said...

Wow! That's nice to know..
SQ fares are so ex now even on off peak seasons.. =\

Anonymous said...

I should have check your blog before confirming my flight. I paid £1,000 for a return on Christmas Eve, a day earlier would cost me £1,150. Will definitely keep Lee in mind. Thanks for sharing.

C K said...

I realised that it's much cheaper flying into S'pore than out of it. A friend visiting us was quite surprised by that. Could it be that flights into S'pore are subsidised by outgoing flights to encourage visitors?

No worries. £1k for a return on Chrismas Eve!? Whew, you must be in a hurry to return then. :)