Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Google Currency Conversion tool - simple and fuss free

Just read about how the US Federal Reserve is allowing the US dollar to devalue and how US dollar is depreciating against all major currency except, you've guessed it, the Sterling Pound. In other words, only the Sterling Pound is sliding at a faster rate than US dollar.

Good news for the dwindling number of British manufacturers, which factories are still in the UK, and tourists. Tough luck for Londoners though as that will mean less holidays and perhaps more trips to the tanning salons to get that fake orange tans.
Google currency conversion tool - a nifty one

For those of us who are a bit concern about the currency exchange rates, there's always Google. A quick and dirty way would be to type "1 pound to usd" in Google search bar and the current exchange rate will be up in an instant. You could do a "546 pounds to indian rupee" as well. Note that this is at best a conservative guideline.

Another thing to occupy our time spent online. Heavenly. Next up, 10 useful websites that any Londoner should know.

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xiaocangshu said...

I discovered this when doing Physics on-line assignments. Because the questions come from an American textbook, in some questions conversion from Fahrenheit and inches is necessary. Now I know I can just input something like "10 inches into metre"! :D

Veronika said...

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Dutchie said...

Since the interest rates has fallen into a black void, I hv become obessive with the exchange rates ! The internet converter tends to give 5 - 7 ct more than what the banks r offering btw. Best to check with them b4 u start shifting ur currencies around.

Read this morning that Goldman n JP Morgan r dishing out billions in payment this year. The same argument that their best way to retain the high flyers is to pay them handsomely for it. I'm wondering how that is possible given that the yields r so low in most financial products ? The rates we r getting is also a reflection on the poor performance or am I flawed in my observation ?

Would love to hear it from an insider (~_^).

William Wallace said...

The value of sterling against the dollar is a bit of pain, but it is only matter of time thing till things turn around and we are getting amazing value for money again.

Meantime I will enjoy what the UK has to offer and when it does turn around again I will be ready for a couple of months back in Barbados, enjoying my dollars……!

C K said...

I stumbled upon this while doing some research for a vacation. I guess that would make the desktop calculator somewhat obsolete, isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by!

I think most financial instruments are available to only a select group who has high networth. Also, spreading your assets around a bit would reduce risk further - that would require a huge pool to begin with as instruments generally have a entry value.

But continental Europe isn't as affected as the UK, isn't it? :)

Agreed! Things will come round, that's for sure and it's just matter of time. The only thing is that whether the players will still be standing then.

Meanwhile, I'm hankering down a bit and keeping my fingers crossed.