Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Frank Skinner's Credit Crunch Cabaret review - an evening of riotous laughter Frank Skinner's style

Like Karinsulai, I like Michael McIntyre. You can't really fault him for his brand of clean cut humour; he picks at daily encounters (on the London Underground, at hotel buffet tables, getting spit on incidentaly when chatting) that we can easily relate to.

Michael McIntyre's "Man Drawer"

In fact, his comedy is so safe that there was this teeny bit of stunned silence among the audience when he mentioned that the first word that a Scottish baby utter is the word 'bastard' during his stand up comedy performance in Scotland. But that went well in the end.

Shappi Khorsandi is another comedian who plays it safe. Her routine is largely self deprecating and her targets invariably coincide with public opinion - British National Party, the Iranian regime (as she puts it), you get the idea.

Shappi Khorsandi - "Live at Apollo"

Enter Frank Skinner.

People love Frank Skinner because he is nothing like Michael McIntyre and Shappi Khorsandi. In his Credit Crunch Cabaret, he went all over a girl seated on the front row wearing a red cap, asking her whether she had cancer. Halfway through, he wondered why two people with Down Syndrome didn't give each other a thumbs up when they walked past each other.

He was unstoppable from then on.

When he asked a volunteer to climb over a barrier and get up the stage, he joked that he would feel real bad if that volunteer was on a wheelchair. He went on to ask if there was any Chinese in the theatre and caught sight of two who were seated near the front. "Are you Chinese Chinese or are you British Chinese? You would know if I go and say some Chinese gibberish, would you? Something along the lines of 'hee haw lei haa'. Darn.".

The audience lapped it all up. Those who were a bit hesitant initially merrily joined in the chorus during Frank's charming "Credit Crunch Cabaret" banjo (his signature instrument) number. You get a feeling that with him, anything goes and the fact that a number went back to the same show repeatedly (Frank named and spoke to them during the show) said quite a bit.

As Frank said, "My Manager nearly fainted when I told him that I'm going to do a show and sell tickets at only 10 quid". Well, I'm sure glad he did go on and do just that.

Frank Skinner's "Oh Oh Oh Oh Osama Bin Laden" in a seperate performance

But I thought that the star in Credit Crunch Cabaret on 16 Nov wasn't Frank Skinner himself but one of his guest performers who mime his way through two songs. I tried Googling for him but was not able to find any trace of him. Would definitely appreciate if anyone (anyone at all) would let me know who is the guy behind that hilarious act. Cheers!

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::karinuslai:: said...

I must say I haven't seen enough of Frank to know what I think of him. The odd glimpse on HIGNFY doesn't really quite cut it... But if you want something as far away from michael and shappi as possible you're talking frankie boyle and his lot ;)

actually, i really recommend dara o'briain. am pretty sure you'll be able to penetrate the irish accent and once you do he's absolute gold. check out his "Talks Funny" dvd if you don't believe me :)

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Nice one Frank! I like the guy, but he support WBA football club so he is mentally unstable!

Emm said...

ooooh. We love comedy - we'll have to go!!