Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Japan Centre's new location at London's Lower Regent Street - bigger, spankier and more fanciful

Those who have a soft spot for anything Japanese would be glad to find out that the Japan Centre at London Piccadilly has moved to a location with a larger shop at Lower Regent Street, which is a mere 5 minute stroll from its former site along Piccadilly.

The new Japan Centre, beside Mitsukoshi (and Mitsukoshi Restaurant ), stocks the regular Japanese groceries that we are familiar with and much more. With its additional floor space, there is now a seafood counter, a full size bakery and an extended eating area for its sushi counter that has proven to be a hit.

Pre-packed sashimi at the fish and meat counter

It seemed that the staff are still in the process of stocking up the shop's shelves when we were there two weeks back as the display was quite rather sparse as compared to the Piccadilly shop. Probably I was just addicted to the joy of finding something that I was looking for in the crammed displays in the old shop; the new Japan Centre does reminds me a bit of Mugen with its cleaner layout.

Some great gifts to be had here

Tempura at the sushi counter

We were tempted by the tempura don (rice) shrink wrapped in clear plastic in its red plastic bowls. After paying at the till, we took it to the sushi counter to be heated up. The staff popped it into the microwave for exactly 45 seconds and we tucked into it at the tables without much fanfare. I must say that at £6 per serving, it was a bit on the costly side.

Japanese styled cockery

London+Piccadilly+Japan+Centre+Lower+Regent+Street+Singaporean+in+LondonHowever, that didn't prevent me from getting some shabu shabu for our steamboat and packets of instant noodles.

Oh, do consider heading to Mitsukoshi Restaurant next door for lunch if you are heading to Japan Centre for your groceries.

Japan Centre
14-16 Regent Street
London SW1Y 4PH

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Chris said...

I used to buy in Japan center, now I am currently in Italy and we can not find specific ingredients for our Japanese recipe.Here they sell just typical Italian food (that is also very good)but I just missing a bit those exotic flavors.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Hi CK, Sorry its been a while. I ejoed this post being a fan of most things Japanese. Tell me do you get hassled taking pictures in shops? I have nearly got arrested a few times here doing this.

C K said...

lol, give me a shout if you need anything shipped over. Exotic or not. :)

Hey pal! I tried to be discreet with my phone camera (that explains their poor quality!). If it'll be painfully obvious, I'll ask for permission first. There was only one time when they say no... read Golden Gate.

How's it going with you these days?

Anonymous said...

Love your food/restaurant reviews.

Have you been to Minamoto Kitchoan? It's opposite Fortnum and Mason near Piccadilly stn. Fantastic japanese sweets and mochis (specially the mini chocolate ones), and sometimes even tea ceremonies!

C K said...

Thanks! Have been to Minamoto Kitchoan a couple of times to get those lovely mochi. I didn't know that they do tea ceremonies as well.

Is that one of your favorite haunts?

Anonymous said...

Very much so! When I crave something sweet and sticky, that's where I usually head towards.