Monday, November 2, 2009

Korean restaurants in London reviews - recommended by a Korean to be truly authentic

I met up with a fellow food lover over dinner at Korean Kitchen a couple of weeks back. After the disappointing dinner at New Seoul, I pestered him (a Korean himself) for some recommendations for good Korean restaurants - essentially where the Koreans themselves will go to for a quick fix for authentic Korean cuisine.

complementary Korean starters - widely expected in Korea but a rare treat in central London

Though he finds the fare at Korean Kitchen passable, he was quick to point out two restaurants that, in his opinion, is way better than Korean Kitchen. Unsurprisingly, both restaurants that he recommended are in the vicinity of New Malden, which is the defacto Korean enclave in Greater London.

Not only he pointed out the directions to these two restaurants, he also provided a list of dishes that we should order and what to do in the meantime (shopping in Kingston) between lunch and dinner. For my reviews of these two restaurants, refer to Cah Chi and Jin Go Gae.

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Anonymous said...

Ooo, thanks for that post. My friends and I used to check out different London restaurants every week with food from a different part of the world each time. Been looking for a good Korean one. x

C K said...

@little london observationist,
Ah... another fellow food lover. I thought that Korean barbercue is apt food for chilly weather. Let me know what you think of these two if you happen to drop by.

Anyway, any recommendation for good eats in London?