Sunday, November 15, 2009

Camden Market - the quirky and bohemian side of London

Tuck into a snack on the back of a scooter facing the canal and give those legs a rest

London's Camden Market is perhaps one of those markets that has always been overlooked by tourists who favoured the more famous Portobello Market at Notting Hill. A pity considering how much Camden Market has to offer. Someone should really commission a movie with Keira Knightley as a Camden Town girl making it good singing at its pubs (think Amy Winehouse without drugs and less booze).

I mean, which other markets in London actually open all day for seven days a week? I have this affinity for the market as it really reminds me of the Bugis Market back home, only larger, cleaner and more bustling. Quirky accessories, tattoos, nose rings, cheap jeans, handmade crafts and a multitude of souvenirs for folks back home can be obtained at a fare price at Camden Market.

Camden Market is best known for its quirky and bohemian wares

Hungry? Fear not. For some reason, the Chinese noodles stall love to offer you a morsel of their sweet and sour chicken (always that and nothing else) to 'try'. If you are running on a budget, you could pretty well fill your stomach with sweet and sour chicken. Else, I would advise that you give all those £3.50 stalls a miss and head towards Yum Cha for a lazy afternoon dim sum session.

You can never go wrong looking for that souvenirs for folks back home at Camden Market

Take a walk down the Regent Canal that cuts through Camden Market

Even if you are not looking for anything in particular, what better way to wallow away the entire afternoon milling through the stalls with a handy camera? As the sun sets over Camden Market and its golden rays get reflected off the water along the canal that cuts through the Market, this is when Camden Market is at its best.

Get your Time Art Camden Market prints here. For more on antique hunting, refer to London's Fairs and Markets.

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