Tuesday, November 10, 2009

London Transport Season Travelcard benefits - why you should get one in your Oyster card

I don't know what took me so long to get a London Transport travelcard. Maybe it's the lack of information but I would attribute it to the sheer lazyness on my part really. I did some calculation some time back and was surprised at how much I have been losing out. Here's the breakdown.

An adult Oyster card loaded with an Annual Travelcard

Cost of one trip between Zone 1 and 2 on London Underground = £2.20

Cost of one trip within Zone 1 on London Underground = £1.60

Assuming two trips daily on a 5 day work week in a four week month, cost of travel to work alone per month = 4 weeks x 5 work days x 2 trips x £2.20 per trip
= £88 per month

Assuming two trips within Zone 1 every Sat and Sun, cost of weekend travels = 4 weeks x 2 weekend days x 2 trips x £1.60
= £25.60 per month

Cost of a Annual Travalcard (Zone 1-2) = £1032 per year or £86.60 per month

Savings per month = £27

Savings per year = a whopping £324

Granted that I need not travel to work during vacations and some of the trips may be done on buses (£1 per trip - free for Annual Travelcard), I could still save at least between £50 - £100 per year. If you are holding onto an Adult Oyster Card, the Annual Travelcard can be added onto the same card and remaining credit on the Oyster Card will only be deducted when you are travelling out of the zones covered by your Travelcard.

Not only that, you will be issued a 'Gold Card' upon the purchase of a Annual Travelcard and that allows a 34% discount off rail tickets if you are travelling within Network Area. This offer, which is extended to other adults and children travelling together with the Travelcard holder, is the deal clincher for those who travel extensively in Southeast England. For more information on the discounts, refer to the official website.

Oh, some companies actually offer interest free loan for season traval passes. Essentially, your HR will write you a cheque and the monthly repayments will be taken off your salary. No harm in that, is there? Also, there are talks that the Mayor is looking at increasing Tube fares in the near future. Why not lock in the fares right now?

Now, the only thing you'll have to worry about is how to spend the savings.

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William Wallace said...

My former wife, bestowed the virtues of getting an Oyster card to me many years ago and I would agree it is a must have item.

Anonymous said...

Annual travelcard for sure worth it one!