Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MenKind - where to get presents for men this Christmas

MenKind+Angel+Islington+presents+for+men+and+boys+Singaporean+in+London A female colleague asked me in the pantry yesterday on what to get for her guy friend for Christmas. It seems she gets the feeling that he doesn't quite like the gifts that she has got for him previously. Naturally, I asked her what she has gotten for him and she went like, "Well, you know, stuff like wallets, sweaters, shoes…"

Can't blame the guy really. Seriously, getting a present that guys like isn't exactly rocket science. Given a choice, guys generally prefer gadgets and items with crass humour, definintely not fashion accessories. This is for the ladies out there: the rule of thumb is to get something that you probably wouldn't want to receive yourself.

Think Xbox 360 games, cufflinks with cheeky messages and silly electronic toys. You get the idea.

If you're still in a fix, there is always MenKind, which newest branch opens at Angel Islington. Marketing itself as the one stop shop to to get presents and toys for men and big boys, Menkind is one of the few stores catering to the big kid in every guy.

MenKind+Angel+Islington+presents+for+men+and+boys+Singaporean+in+LondonI took the opportunity to pop in during the weekend and was suitably impressed with what they've got. Godfather figurines, a full roulette set with chips included, bendy figurines to act out your ultimate kamasutra positions (hmm...), a furry dog toy that does nothing but rolls around and laughs (nice!), even a bathing robe that reads Italian Stallion.

Granted that they are not refine presents that you feel like you should be getting your guy, but to be honest, we would very much prefer these to a Braun Buffel wallet that we spend most of our time sitting on.

I was fixated on this for a full two minutes. I rest my case.

Now he has something to do in his free time

An open invitation to his mates to pop by for a game or two

Tell him that he's the Stallion

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lina said...

Menkind sure looks like the place my husband wouldn't mind spending an hour or two being fixated looking at their stuff. :D

C K said...

I guess your son can join him as well. lol.