Monday, November 23, 2009

Marmite oven baked cashew nuts - Waitrose fuels the Great Marmite Obsession

Waitrose+Marmite+Oven+Baked+Cashew+nuts+Singaporean+in+LondonI'm not sure whether it's just me but despite my best efforts, I've yet to acquire a taste for Marmite.

It's not like I've started late - Mum, who for some reason, thought that it was healthy and used to mix a healthy does of that with my porridge when I was a kid. Decades later, though I don't dislike it, I still find Marmite's taste a cross between soy sauce and concentrated chicken essence. In other words, a bit weird. Then again, that's coming from a durian lover.

Well, I'm obviously the minority here in London. The English do not only have Marmite on toast, they buy Marmite by the buckets. The other day, I saw Marmite coated cashew nuts in Waitrose at Brunswick Square. Am I surprised? Hardly, considering that Waitrose carries Marmite Cereal Bars as well and even market a premium brand of Marmite though I've yet to figure out the difference between that and the usual ones.

To top it all, I actually saw a advert on a Tube train that was advertising for an online shopping portal. At the top of the recommended presents for this Christmas is... yep, a tub of Marmite. There you go, no need to fret shopping for presents this festive season!

Marmite lovers, say "Aye"!

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yanjie said...

Waitrose Brunswick..... a nostalgic place for me!

Lady Banana said...

I love these Marmite cashews, it's too easy to sit and eat a whole pack which is not good as they contain toooo much of everything! lol

Aidyl said...

if you either love it or hate it...
Well then I guess I'm one of the people that can't stand marmite at all.
I do however like Marmite themed merchandise~ and can't resist to visit their Pop-Up shop. =)

C K said...

Yeah, I know... :) Will shoot some pictures for your the next time round?

@Lady Banana,
I should really go get one myself and try it out. Is there any other Marmite flavoured foodstuff?

Their pop-up shop? Where's that by the way?