Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back at the 10 most popular posts while counting down to 2010

Having ran out of leave, I had to return to the office today. Apparently, I wasn't the only one in the office. While we were milling around, it struck me that it was the last day of 2009 - a year that many of us would like to forget.

Counting down... (image source)

London Lite folded and London Paper followed suit soon after. The familiar yellow and purple uniforms no longer thronged the streets during evening peak hours and for a short period of time, Londoners had to contend with only Metro, which news was almost a day old by the time the workday ended. Evening Standard, which became free soon solved that problem.

The MPs were plagued by the expenses fiasco while thousands were left disappointed King of Pop's his fifty performances at O2 was cancelled when his heart failed him and fingers seemed to be pointed at his doctor.

There was the aftermath of the credit crunch of course where many City workers were made redundant, which pretty much affected everyone along the food chain.

Even with the uncertainty that lies ahead of us in 2010, I thought it would a great idea to take a look at some of the most popular posts on in 2009.

1. Marmite pop up shop on Regent Street

This is certainly a late contender, which saw hundreds of hits in a single day from Twitter. Considering that Marmite is almost the croissant to the French (probably not an apt example but still), I'm not surprised that this post came up top.

2. Legally Blonde the Musical review

I guessed everyone could do with a feel good show and Legally Blonde the Musical, which movie was a surprise hit, provided just the lift that we need. Bring it on!

3. Average Pay in London

With the credit crunch, Londoners did see quite a bit of staff movement. Before heading for the interview, wouldn't it be prudent to check out what others were getting?

4. London in One Day

Seriously, it wouldn't be possible to get the full flavour of London even in a whole week much less in a day. But for the determined, you could perhaps get a taste of what London has to offer. This post was definitely for those who unfortunately had only a day in London.

5. Boat rowing in Hyde Park

I wrote this post sometime back but it received a constant stream of visitors especially during summer time. There's this thing about having a boat in the open, well, in a big pond in this case.

6. How to spot a Singaporean on a Plane

This was written after How to spot a Brit on a Plane when a commentator (quite correctly) pointed out that it was much easier spotting the Singaporean. Read this with a pinch of salt but the characteristics are not far from the mark.

7. London flash mobs - Giant Pillow Fight

Everytime there is a rumour of a flash mob in London, this post gets a resurgent of hits. I made it a point to go down to Hyde Park to catch some action. Didn't bring along a pillow along but I did get a video clip, which I promptly posted.

8. Japan Centre on Lower Regent Street

Japan Centre since relocated from Piccadilly to Lower Regent Street has become more spacious though the shelves were still pretty bare when I last visited it a couple of weeks back. I guess Londoners still can't do without the special Japanese cuts of shabu shabu and sukiyaki

9. Portobello Market

One of the best loved open air markets by the tourists to London, located at Notting Hill - made famous by the movie hit starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. The fact that it fully opens only on Saturdays made it so much more crowded.

10. Rasa Sayang review

This place serves one of the better Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine that you can find in Central London. Apparently many others think the same as well. I used to frequent there but after have been heading to Sedap instead after its services went downhill as it got more popular.

* * *

There you have it, the 10 most popular posts on Singaporean In London in 2009. I must add that you guys have been wonderful (especially those who took time to leave comments) and here's wishing you all the best in 2010. Hmm, going to prepare for the countdown now.

Signing off,
A Singaporean in London

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