Friday, December 11, 2009

Heading to Dubin on Ryanair - a haphazard trip

This is sheer madness.

Awhile back, someone bought me a 2p return ticket to Dublin from London Stansted Airport on Ryanair. In the spirit of comparing Easyjet with Ryanair, I decided to go ahead with the trip.

Let's go back to the madness part shall we?

Map, itinerary and some loose change. I'm all set!

The flight departs in a couple of hours' time. In order to make it for the flight at Stansted Airport, I'll have to wake up at 4.30am. Instead of going to sleep two hours ago (I morph into a walking zombie immune to caffeine with less than 5hrs of sleep), I am here posting about this sheer madness.

When I first heard of it, I was determined not to plan for the trip. In fact, I wasn't even sure I'll be going until four hours ago. That meant no reading up about Dublin or even bothered to find out what the city offered. The rational part of me emerged victorious and I popped by Waterstone during today's lunchtime and start flipping Lonely Planet's Guide to Dublin.

Then it dawned to me that there isn't any connecting trains between Dublin and Dublin Airport. I panicked. I wasn't too good with buses. That wasn't going well at all. Then again, what was I expecting? I went online at the first opportunity, googled for Dublin's city map and found a rough itinerary on Dublin in A Day, and printed both out.

With a passport, Ryanair boarding pass, a black and white Dublin map printed with a printer screaming for ink refills, and a dubious looking itinerary, I'll be off to Dublin in approximately 5hrs' time. The Tube and Stansted Express better be running perfectly well.

Wish me luck and have a frosty weekend.

Read about why I think you should fly Ryanair.

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Nora Din said...

Hey, Good Luck on your trip. I been to Dublin before but it was via ferry from Holyhead. Lovely city. Get a train to Belfast if you have the time. Loads to see in Ireland but not sure about your choice to go at this time of the year though!!

Emm said...

Love Dublin but yes, agree with Nora. Cold time of year to visit!

C K said...

Thanks! I arrived back in London after 12am on Sunday. Managed to cover Dublin Castle, National Gallery, Christchurch and Trinity College (Kew Book).

It was a mad rush to cover as much as possible before skies turned dark at 4 plus. My slight night blindness didn't help a bit.

The plane ride on Ryanair was an experience in itself though.

Aidyl said...

Wow! That sounds adventurous!!
Glad to hear you got back to London alrite! ;)
May we get to see some pictures of your trip?

Anonymous said...

hey mr woo, not sure if u remember who i am, but teckhao told me about meeting up with you and everything in london. hahas. i hope you are ok, i think i might be going to london in january, and if i am, then maybe we (sid, teck, you and me) can meet up! :)

C K said...

Was wondering around Dublin for the entire day but didn't managed to take much pictures. Will sift through the lot and would definitely post any photos worth posting. :)

Of course I remember you! Sure thing, give me at shout when you're in town. Will catch up with you guys then.