Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last minute Christmas shopping again? Why not do it online this time round?

london+Christmas+shopping+online+recommendation+Singaporean+in+London+Keep+Calm++it+is+only+ChristmasIf you haven't noticed, Christmas is here again. Then again, how can you not? Daylight hours are getting shorter, people are getting more jovial as they began to wrap up their work and prepare for Christmas, your inbox is flooded with email invitations to various Christmas parties.

If only you have gotten all your presents.

Well, if you are like most people, you are probably going to leave Christmas gifts shopping till the last week before Christmas. It's almost amusing to see how people go frantically around at Selfridges and John Lewis. These people will go rummaging through the remmants strewn across the shelves before realising that they are fighting a lost cause and begin to buy anything and everything.

I know because I was one of them. Secret Santa at the workplace was embarressing last year. Luckily the guy who got Boots' facewash for oily face didn't find out who his Secret Santa was.

However, if you really hate to go jostle with the crowds along Oxford Street, there is always online shopping. After some trial and error and bad experiences, I come to trust only two online stores -


Over at Amazon, not only you will have access to literally all the books that you'll ever come across, they have a whole lot of other items as well. Invariably, Amazon's price beats those offered at high street stores even with the sales going on due to the already steep discounts that Amazon offers. If you are looking for even further savings, why not go for secondhand items that are available as well?

For this festive season, Amazon offers free shipping regardless of how much you order directly from it. However, take note that it can take a couple of days to arrive (mine have so far reached within the week) so do place your orders fast.

John Lewis

This Oxford Street mall offers a really fuss free and comprehensive online store. What I really like about John Lewis online store is its efficient delivery (within 5 working days but usually earlier than that). Also, unlike other major retailers, it doesn't use Royal Mail but Home Delivery Network instead - no need to worry about strikes and other delays due to high volume.

What's best about John Lewis is that the package comes nicely wrapped and if you are not satisfied with the item for whatever reason, you could always request for them to pick it up (at no cost to you) and issue a refund with no questions ask. What have you got to lose?

With these two online stores, all you need to do is to countdown to Christmas. Hmm, I wonder whether there'll be any snow this time round.

Have you got any other recommended sites for online shopping?

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Aidyl said...

I really don't like doing the christmas shopping late - people running around in hordes along Oxford Street like a bunch of scared chicken.
So I did all my shopping quite early..also online through Amazon n' eBay..
the packages have yet to arrive..
hope the results wont be too shocking. lol
Otherwise you'll see me gackle around soon enough too~ cluck cluck

C K said...

LOL, I feel better with Amazon while Ebay is really a hit and miss, isn't it? Fingers' crossed!

Christmas hampers said...

It is very busy when we do last minute Christmas shopping. As sometimes we like too because it gives the feel of the shopping in festival.

Aidyl said...


Indeed it is.
I got the first eBay package today..
It's a ricecooker for my mum and it seems quite usable. haha~

C K said...

@Christmas hampers,
I know what you are talking about. I get a kick out of squeezing with the crowd sometimes... what? That's tiny thing for a fiver? Into the carrier it went!

Oh, talking about ricecooker, I had to import one from Singapore as the cheap one that we from Ironmonger (now Robert Dyers) wasn't much of a use.

Glad that yours work out fine. Didn't know that you are a rice person as well... :)