Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Legally Blonde The Musical review (London Savoy Theatre) - superb cast with great chemistry let down by the props

Legally+Blonde+The+Musical+review+Savoy+Theatre+Singaporean+in+LondonI normally avoid watching plays that have spun off from successful movies and the last thing I want is for the favorable impression that I have for a movie to be spoilt by a sub-par play performance. The Chicago that I caught in New York didn't quite make the mark. Not that the cast wasn't competent, it was just that they didn't have chemistry that was oozing from Renée Zellweger, Catharine Zeta Jones and Richard Gere in the 2002 movie.

But after being pleasantly surprised by Sister Act even with my high expectations as the movie was a classic, I didn't raise too much fuss when Wife suggested catching Legally Blonde The Musical at Savoy Theatre.

Cast and Storyline

Mention Legally Blonde, the image of Reese Whitherspoon prancing around with her pink jacket, with a puppy (decked in pink) in one hand and an LV clutch in another, immediately comes to mind. Legally Blonde the Musical didn't disappoint a single bit. Sheridan Smith's Elle Woods was the wide eye blonde who had a keen fashion sense and her only weakness was Warner (Duncan James) whom she was determined to marry. When he decided to break up with her for someone more 'serious', she followed him to Harvard Law and there the story unfolded.

Other than Elle, the other notable character in the play was Emmett (Alex Gaumond), the underdog who fell for Elle when they met at Harvard. Gaumond was a convincing Emmett and when his dogged look lit up in the shopping mall when Elle picked up some clothes for him, he lifted the entire audience's hearts.


UPS guy added a comical touch

While Smith is not Witherspoon, she introduced a totally refreshing and irresistibly positive take of Elle Woods. Even with her petite figure, her stage presence was evident right at the onset. Look out for the UPS guy though. Legally Blonde The Musical added a superb comical dimension of the UPS guy who was the knight in shining armour for Elle's pal Paulette.

Legally+Blonde+The+Musical+review+Savoy+Theatre+Singaporean+in+LondonProps was a letdown

Pity about the props though. The backdrop failed to lift off five minutes into the musical and there was a further wait for a couple of minutes before the musical had to be restarted all over again. Not only that, the sequins were popping off Smith's dress during a step dance… her bracelet fell off in another routine. In a courtroom scene, the judge kept on thumping her hammer and bits of it flew off.

Other than the technical glitches, Legally Blonde The Musical was one of those uplifting and cheerful performances that you probably wouldn't really remember in a couple of months' time but boy, it was good while it lasted.

Legally Blonde is not sold at TKTS and is selling out for more popular time slots. Book your tickets here now!

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yanjie said...

technically Chicago started as a musical that got spun-off into a movie. After watching the musical version @ West End, I'll very much prefer that to the movie. Not just the fantastic cast, but the satire through cabaret is even stronger, where as the movie is heavily diluted on that.

C K said...

lol, thanks for pointing out that the musical came out first. I might just go watch the Chicago at West End in that case.

Hope that things going on with you these days.

Anonymous said...

you honestly didn't know that chicago was a show first?! you don't deserve to review theatre.

C K said...

Yes, I didn't realise that Chicago was a show first. Well, a new thing a day I guess. But thanks for stopping by and bothering to leave a comment. Others would have just left without leaving a word.


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know this is a review of a preview of Legally Blonde.
Previews are there to iron out problems before a show has opened. That is they are called PREVIEWS. Quite why you chose to review this show so early and then get picky about minor prop problems, I don't know. I assure you the show one of the slickest in town.

C K said...

I didn't realize at the point of writing that it hasn't been officially released yet. I saw that it was on and I went on to watch it.

Frankly, I'm surprised that there was a prop malfunction. I always thought that rehearsals are meant to iron out such nitty gritty and not when you actually charge people a full ticket price for watching, whether or not it has been officially released.

A colleague of mine watched it two weeks back after it's officially launched and a member of the cast wasn't ready five minutes into the show and the entire sequence had to be done again.

Lightning does strike twice, doesn't it?

All in all Legally Blonde is an uplifting show, that I have to admit and I'm glad your show got through without a glitch.