Monday, December 28, 2009

Marmite pop up shop at London's Regent Street - a treat for Marmite fans

Regent Street was at its usual madness this afternoon and I headed for my sanctuary at Adore Patisserie Cafe when I stumbled upon a Marmite pop up shop. According to the proprietor, the pop up shop started only on the first of November and will shut down on the 31st Dec - in other words, a couple of days' time.

The perfect setting for a cheap Marmite horror flick

The ground floor of the shop was filled with Marmite themed merchandise and foodstuff. Other than the familiar yellow and black bottles of Marmite, cashshew nuts and crisps, they have Marmite biscuit tins (for Marmite pastries of course), t-shirts printed with Marmite inspired prints, postcards, art pieces featuring Marmite and even toasters embossed with the Marmite logo.

You just can't get enough of the black stuff

A casual cafe on the first floor

Everything that you see here is for sale

However, few realised that there was a cafe on the first storey (the staircase was all the way towards the end of the store). A huge table filled with scrawlings by both lovers and haters of Marmite occupied the floor. On the walls were prints and more artworks of you know what. The staff were dishing out free tea and toast (normally going for one quid each) when I was there.

Marmite toast factory

How to produce Marmite - the gist of it anyway

Lovers and haters of Marmite, stand up and be counted!

I had to leave my mark there... lol

My modest haul after tea and toast

Not a bad way to rest your tired legs after an afternoon jousting with the shopping crowds, especially if you happened to be a Marmite fan. Hurry up, you have a few days to catch it before it's shut!

82 Regent Street,
Quadrant Arcade
London W1

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Mike said...

Very appropriate and a coincidence since I have just written a piece about Maggie Hall a Brit in the USA who has just written a book on Marmite.

I'll send her the link to your post.

FĂ«anor said...

Amazing. Barely back from your jetset life and you've descended upon Regent Street! Clearly the shopping bug is truly upon you, heheh.

Anonymous said...

Hello, CK - Singaporean in London - what an amazing experience for a fan of the mighty-M! But have to point out (in the interests of self-promotion) one of the best M-products was not on display, for sale: my book! Because it's not a Unilever sanctioned publication it could not be included in the merchandise in the Pop-up-Shop. The book is: The Mish-Mash Dictionary of Marmite - check it out on: Thanks, Maggie Hall.

Kathy said...

Hi there, I can't say I like Marmite, but I do love and miss London terribly and I also love Singapore (my in-laws live there). Hope the snow came for you, last year was amazing, I missed it :-( but the kids sent loads of pics, there is something so wonderful about those bright red post and phone boxes covered in crisp white snow. hopefully It will still be around at the end of Jan when I get to visit. I like your blog a lot and from today I am a follower, Happy New Year over there, Kathy.

kyh said...

Cant believe there's a Marmite merchandise store! But it sure looks cool!

C K said...

Thanks! There's just this thing about Marmite, isn't it?

Shopping? You must be kidding, I just want to find a nice cafe and wouldn't step out if possible.

Actually, Wife is a much bigger Marmite fan than me. She might just go get a copy from Amazon.

Thanks for your kind words! At the rate that London is going, I'm sure it'll be covered with snow pretty soon.

Oh yeah, pity it's only a pop-up store.