Thursday, December 17, 2009

What did you get from your Secret Santa for Christmas?

Secret+Santa+gift+Christmas++present+in+London+Singaporean+in+LondonA light shower of snow hit Central London yesterday and while the temperature turned sub zero outside, a couple of us were having a pre-Christmas party in the office.

"Pizzas for everyone!" declared a colleague as she lugged boxes and boxes of pizzas from Pizza Express. Darn, should never had planned for lunch today but I wouldn't let that deter me from grabbing a slice (four to be exact, I was being gluttony) of pizza.

The highlight of the gathering was receiving our presents from our Secret Santa. Well, the official price cap was set at £7.50.

It was most amusing to see people running out of the office to the mall nearby to pick up the presents during office hours. The shopping arcade was doing a roaring business with targeting the Secret Santas with items priced at £4.99, £7.49 and £9.99 - the customary price caps.

Secret+Santa+gift+Christmas++present+in+London+Singaporean+in+LondonWell, after the initial excitement died down, we ripped open our respective presents. Some giggled while others burst out laughing. Guess what I got? A £10 cinema gift card from CineWorld. With the cinema just round the corner, I would probably catch Avatar before Christmas. Good one there, thanks to my Secret Santa!

My colleague got a Single Shot Dispenser, an apt gift for someone who adored his poison. He made it a point to show it to everyone and promised to install it in the office. No complaints there for me.

Are you into Secret Santas this Christmas? What are you getting (or gotten) this time round?

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Em Salkild said...

Wow, you chose a good present!

I love Secret Santa. Although in Australia we sometimes refer to it as Kris Kringle and I prefer that term.

And I'm loving the snow too. Glad you got pizza. It's a great time to gorge!

Lady Banana said...

We are doing Secret Santa this week coming, I usually end up with something trashy :(

I notice you only have 4 pages of apps on your phone there! I have almost filled the entire 11 pages allowed! lol

C K said...

Eh, that's what I got. No choice there as my Secret Santa has already got that for me. But I made sure I went around telling everyone that I'm an avid movie fan, so...

Hope that I wouldn't put on too much weight. :)

@Lady Banana,
Aww... what did you get in the end?

Didn't know that there's a maximum allowable of 11 pages for Apps. I imagine that it would take me ages to scroll through all those! Oh, any Apps that you would recommend?