Monday, December 7, 2009

The Sun, the tweed jacket man and the Page Three Girl

The+Sun+and+the+Sensible+Man+Singaporean+in+London.jpgThe man steps into the Tube train. He straightens his tweed jacket, removed his Paul Smith scarf, adjust his glasses and runs his hands through his thinning grey hair. Drawing to his full height of just over six feet, he exudes this distinguish air as he took a cursory glance around the train cabin as he seeks for an empty seat.

He spots one just a couple of feet behind him and strolls leisurely towards it. He sits down and lets out an almost inaudible sigh - it's good to finally rest the feet after an entire day of walking. He catches a glimpse of a folded newspaper beside him and picks it up.

He cringes when he realises that he has picked up The Sun. Well, it could have been the Metro or the Evening Standard - that would have been at least respectable. But nope, it has to be The Sun. Full of pictures, some of it a bit more offending (to him at least) than the others. On a normal day, he won't be caught dead with a tabloid but it will certainly look odd to the rest of the passengers if he discreetly tucks it behind him. The burden is his to bear at for the duration of the journey.

He flips it open, knowing fully what to expect. The Page 3 Girl, in her full glory is splashed across, well, page 3. His brows furrows as he concentrates really hard on the relatively thin column of the Amanda Knox trial. It's apparent that he has taken some interest in the ongoing trial as he ponders over every word in the article.

After a considerable amount of time, he flips another page and then another. The announcement calls for his stop. He looks up for confirmation, folds The Sun into half and tucks it under his arms as he steps out of the train.

After all, The Sun does write a lot about the Knox murder trial.

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Martin in Bulgaria said...

Oh how I miss the Sun newspaper - not!
Sun readers always been the laughing stock of Britain, every heard of Jasper Carrot? I think he started the stereo-type association with Sun readers, more famous for their page three girl than anything else (other than fiction of course).
Hope you're well CK!

Em Salkild said...

Hehe Great Post :D

C K said...

I'm very well, thank you!

So I take it that you would never be caught dead with a copy of The Sun? Hmm, they say that the newspaper you stick with pretty much is a result of your inclination (political or otherwise)... hmmm, I wonder what's yours?

Wife's a Times and I'm a Guardian.


Karin said...

haha, i don't miss the Sun but I miss being able to make fun of the Sun! You just don't have the same kind of tabloid to be scathing about here in Singapore - much potential for comedy completely non-existent! =p