Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What to wear in London - a reliable way to find out

You know what they say about the English weather. It's fickle (often changing to and fro between bad and really bad). Period. Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against the English weather. Coming from a tropical isle where weather is hot and humid year round and weather forecasts on TV exist only to take up airtime, the fickleness of the English weather is almost welcomed, up to a certain point that is.

Always grey, nothing very fickle about that really... (image source)

The first thing that I check every morning is the London's weather forecast on my phone. That's important as it'll literally dictate how I will go about the entire day - what to wear, which route to take, mode of transportation or whether I should just go back to sleep.

However, the nifty phone weather forecast app in my phone is not always reliable. Of late, from my conversation with my colleagues, I found out how Londoners decide the mode of dressing for a particular day. The answer lies with BBC Breakfast.

You should probably call in sick if you see this!

Every morning at around 8am, Carol Kirkwood will present a short segment of the day's weather on BBC Breakfast. In her segment, she'll invariably be film standing out in the open somewhere in London. Now, herein lies the key. If she's wearing a thick jacket, do the same as well. If she's wearing a pair of gloves, don't be shy to don one too. If she's carrying an umbrella, don't even think of leaving yours at home.

I have found her to be rather reliable thus far. Well, just as a backup, do take a quick glance outside your window before you go wondering out in the open. After all, with Christmas just round the corner, it pays to take the extra care to ensure that you'll be fit and healthy to jostle with the crowds for last minute Christmas gifts shopping.

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FĂ«anor said...

Or you gotta be a macho stud and not take an umbrella or a hat or a jumper. Be one with nature!

Lucie said...

Ha! That just properly made my day. Hilarious. Next time I complain about my job, I will remember this lady. At least I don't have to work outside in the blizzards!!! :o))

C K said...

I was thinking along some other lines when you mentioned 'be with nature'... something that might involve passerbys call the police. :p

Frankly, I'm surprised that the camera remain relatively stable given the gale and all...