Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where to eat in Canary Wharf during lunch - five tried and tested spots

Now that I'm spending most of my daylight hours in Canary Wharf, I too, like countless others, are let out into the underground mall looking for food during lunch. Well, while we do have our favourites lunch spots, the more popularly known ones often have ridiculously long queues. It doesn't help that those who are fortunate enough to get a table will spend the next hour gloating over those still in the queue while picking on the morsels on their plates.

After some hits and misses, I have reduced the pool of good and reliable lunch spots to just five and here they are.


This Turkish delight is a short walk across a footbridge to Heron Quays. Though it's quite popular during lunch time, there is ample seating space so no need to worry about not having a table even without reservation. Good food and friendly service is what Hazev is known for, not to mention the good lunch deals (below £10).

Curve Restaurant and Bar

This restaurant at Marriot is across another footbridge to West India Quay. It was almost empty when I was there so no issues about getting a table. Great lunch deals to be had especially on Fridays - a starter, a main (fish and chips), dessert and coffee/tea for just £10.


This has always been a crowd pleaser. However, it's almost impossible to get a table for lunch on Fridays (don't ask me why). It's not too bad on other weekdays though. Ask for a window seat and you'll be staring down at the crowds milling about below. (below £10)


This Portuguese's grilled chicken that hails from South Africa is no strangers to Londoners (and people from over 30 countries). There is a long queue during lunch regardless of which day it is of the week. Sometimes I wonder whether Nando's actually pay people to queue outside. The best time to drop by would actually be around 1.30pm when the line dissipates. (below £10)

Waitrose Curry Rice

When all else fails, there's always the reliable Waitrose. My personal favourite is the curry rice counter right at the back of the store on the ground floor. Curiously, even though the seating area is relatively small, I never encounter any problem getting a table. If you are starving, you can always get a roast chicken thigh to go with your curry rice. (below £5)

Have you got any other good eating places to recommend at Canary Wharf?

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