Tuesday, December 15, 2009

7 reasons why you should take Ryanair

I flew over to Dubin for a day trip after a friend got me the ticket for a return trip on Ryanair. Without any planning whatsoever, I woke up at 4.30am in the morning to make sure I would be in time for the 8.30am flight. That was a abit overdoing on my part but I guess the kiasu mentality in me kicked in and I just went on auto-pilot (pun unintended).

That guy didn't realise that his head was in the turbine's way - it didn't turn out pretty

By all accounts, Ryanair didn't turn out as bad as I imagined it to to be. In fact, I would strongly recommend it to anyone and here are 7 reasons why you should take Ryanair.

1. Dirt cheap crazy deals

Face it, short of walking to Dublin, which isn't technically possible, Ryanair is probably the cheapest way of getting there. My return tickets cost only 2p (taxes included, you heard that right).

Then again, the promotion was only available for a limited period of time and the number was of course restricted. There were other surcharges on top of that - a couple of pounds if you checked in only at the airport, substantially more if you had to check in luggage. Inflight food cost as well.

For me, I printed out my boarding pass at home, travelled only with a sachel and chose to fast on the plane - that flight cost just 2p for me.

Instead of staff manning counters, you have machines that print your boarding pass for a fee

2. Faster turnaround

I was not sure how that could be a good thing to passengers but I thought I had to give Ryanair some credit for its astonishing turnaround time.

There would be an announcement telling passengers that the flight was ready for boarding before the plane actually landed. While the line began to form, you would see the plane taxiing and stop near the departure gate. As if that was not good enough, the passengers would be led onto the tarmac and exposed to the weather elements (blasting cold winds for my case) before the luggage from the previous flight were unloaded.

When we were finally herded onto the plane, I was so relieve that I almost kissed the stony faced air stewardess.

3. Better seating posture

If the soft cushions of a full service airline gave you backache, you would have come to the right place. Ryanair's stiff upright seat guarranted that you would alight in a stiff upright posture that years of yoga would never achieve.

You could spend your entire flight staring at the emergency escape procedure ... oh that yellow, it hurt my eyes.

4. Never leave anything behind again

Remember the time when you actually left your favourite novel on the plane? You wouldn't have that problem on Ryanair's planes. In fact, the Ryanair plane that I was on was the first plane that came without any netting pouch at the back of the seat. You wouldn't leave anything on the plane simply because there was no place for you to leave it.

I guessed that helped in decreasing the turnaround time as well. Less rubbish for the cabin crew to clear.

5. Environmental friendly

Like EasyJet, Ryanair offered free inflight magazine but unlike the former, the Ryanair magazines were offered only upon request (recall that there was no pouch in the back of the seat in front of you to place it in anyway). Being environmentally friendly, Ryanair cabin crew would come round to collect the magazines before the plane landed. 

Cost cutting was just a delightful outcome of that. Talking about massacring a bunch of birds with a single pebble.

6. Driving the boredom away

Bored during flight? Who need onflight entertainment when you could enjoy adverts played through the announcement system every now and then? Lottery cards, hot food and drinks and... more lottery cards, the ads would keep you alert throughout the flight.

7. Revelry music to perk you 

When the plane finally landed, nothing perked you up more than a full trumpet revelry that sounded whenever the flight was 'on time'. If you managed to sleep through the earlier ads, it would hit you like a splash of cold water and would surely wake you up.

* * *

Considering that I paid 975 times more for the train to Stansted Airport as compared to my 2p return flight to Dublin, the Ryanair flight was a fantastic deal to be had. Would I fly Ryanair again? You bet but only if I get such deals again.

Hey SH, if you are reading this, thanks for the ticket!

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kyh said...

Sounds like Air Asia, esp point no. 3!!

William Wallace said...

I have in the past flown with Ryanair and I found them to be as good as any of the other airlines flying out of the UK. And some of those deals that they have are worth grabbing when you get the chance.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any good reason in your list that convinced me Ryanair is not a bunch of thieves

Aidyl said...

Oh where would I be without ryanair?! ;)
I'm in a long distance relationship (UK - Germany) and therefore use ryanair monthly. I wouldn't know what to do if there was no such cheap connection. And with only one hour of flight, I don't care about comfort. lol I'm one of those people that voted they would stand on an 1hr flight if it would be cheaper btw...lolz xD