Friday, January 29, 2010

Centre Point Food Store - THE Korean provision food store in central London

I'm a fan of Japanese shabu shabu, which is essentially thinly sliced pork or beef dropped into hot boiling soup before dipping into a pre-prepared sauce (I prefer cut chilli padi in dark soy sauce). A simple dish that requires minimum preparation that goes well with white rice.


The only catch is that shabu shabu can be quite expensive - a dozen razor thin slices or so (barely enough for one) can cost around £4 at The Japan Centre. So instead of sourcing for Japanese shabu shabu, I will normally opt for the cheaper Korean version. Though the Korean shabu shabu slices are generally a bit thicker (thus less desirable for this particular dish), they're much more affordable - a portion enough for four light eaters cost just over a fiver.

The Centre Point Food Store, which is at a stone's throw away from Tottenham Court Road Tube station, stocks not only that but also every bit of Korean food provision that you will ever need. From a huge (and I mean huge) variety of Korean instant noodles and frozen Korean shabu shabu to packs of kimchi, rice punch powder and Korean sweets, the Centre Point Food Store is probably the best stocked Korean food provision store in London outside New Malden.


Well, here's another place to check out if you're in Chinatown area doing your groceries.

Centre Point Food Store
Tel: 020 7836 9860
20 St. Giles High Street
London WC2H 8LN

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小竹媽 said...

Thanks for leaving comment
I also like Japanese shabu shabu especially in winter. The smoke from the hot boiling soup always makes me feel happy!! Having Japanese shabu shabu just like Keeping away from darkness and chilliness! I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, a good location in north London is Seoul Plaza in Golders Green. Prices on everything are much more affordable than centrerpoint but probably tiny bit more than huge Korean store in New Malden. Quite close to Golders Green tube. I'm addicted to Korean food. Nice blog u have here. Should visit more often.

London Chow said...

Was at Golders Green some time back and had lunched at Local Friends and Old Tree. Didn't actually hit upon Seoul Plaza though.

Any Korean good eats that you would recommend?