Sunday, January 31, 2010

5 useful free Apple Apps for Londoners

This is especially for all those who can't imagine how they can survive a day without their iPhones. Well, it would be a bit too far to say to compare the iPhone phenomenon to how emails have changed our lives but it would be fair to say that Apple Apps Store (or more precisely the apps in them) is a lifesaver to many of us.

Though most of us are glad to fork out 59p to a couple of pounds for really useful apps, some of the more useful ones are available free of charge. Here are five free Apple Apps for the Londoner. To download these apps, simply log on to Apple Apps Store and search for them under their respective names.

News UK Lite
This is one app I can't do without. The lite (or free) version allows the user to choose up to 5 news agencies (I go for BBC News, Telegraph UK, Guardian, Daily Mail and Independent), which news feeds will be updated on a daily basis during the previous evening.

Other than the "All" categories, this app offers Movies, Sports, Biz and Tech as well. A fantastic app to keep you in the know everyday.

Not sure of where to eat near where you are? This app not only lists the restaurants and eateries near your location, it provides customers reviews as well. Choose between location, cuisine and pricing. The Urbanspoon app added a dimension of fun by allowing user to 'shake' the iPhone to randomly chose a restaurant while locking on to one selection, say cuisine.

A neat fun app for those who are seeking to try out new eating places.  

Not sure of how much your take home pay should be? Well, just enter your gross salary and this app will calculate your take home pay on an annual, monthly and weekly basis after taking taxes, National Insurance contributions and student loans (if any) into account.

An essential app before salary negotiations.

Tube Map
There are tons of apps in Apple App Store on the same theme. It's probably due to the fact that other than 'planned engineering works', tube lines are disrupted for a variety of reasons. More often than not, we have to find that out only at the Tube stations.

This nifty app shows not only the Tube map (Circle Line extension updated) but also plans your route for you after you input your current and destination stations. Not only that, it provides you with an estimation of your journey time as well as notifying you about any current line closure.

Time Out
Not sure of where to go during the weekends? This extension app from the online TimeOut London comes to the rescue. Featuring an 'Inspire Me' and a 'Top 10' categories, this app applies to both tourists and Londoners alike.

With this app, your calender will be filled again. Just need to work on getting your butt off that couch.

* * *

Have you come across any other apps that should have been included in this list? 

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Cashmere said...

I like the Urbanspoon & Timeout app.
I will download them no doubt if I'm there and if I have an iPhone myself.. Useful apps.. :)