Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Heavy snow in London and severe weather warning - sounds all too familiar, isn't it?

Ab was grinning from ear to ear when he came back from his smoking break.

Severe weather warning issued for London - 18 inches of snow, or so they say

"Hey, saw from the screens downstairs that there is going to be heavy snow tomorrow and there are already severe weather warnings across southern England."

We spent the next five minutes or so debating whether London was considered part of southern England.

But he seemed to be genuinely serious about bringing out his ski gloves to work tomorrow. That is if we aren't all snow in. Everyone was talking about the heavy snow on our way out just now but no one admitted that they were secretly hoping to be snowed in.

Interestingly, those people who claimed that they can't get to work would also be found in the local parks slugging snowballs. Hey, they would blame the train drivers who couldn't get to work, who in turn would blame the bus drivers, who in turn would blame other train and bus drivers.

As of 10pm, I still see no snow in south Islington and my informants at Canary Wharf and Camden reported not a single flake of snow over there as well as of 9pm. So much for the heaviest snow recorded in the last 30 years.

Who knows? I might be snowed in tomorrow.

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drcrab said...

eh, donch liddat lah..!! :) people cannot get in to work so boh pian have to stay at home mah. stay home means can play with snowballs outside and make snowmen!! :)

seriously though, we aren't snowed in yet, but it's discomforting that the snow that was on the pavement yesterday morning hadn't melted away by last night.

so, important question... did you make it into work?!

Happy new year CK!

C K said...

Happy New Year! I did eventually get to work grudgingly. Did you toss some snowballs with G?

drcrab said...

oh yes we did - and we did build quite a big snowman... base! (hahaha... it was too cold, even with the help of daddy to get rolling for the head!)... might do that today. the garden's all white. snow's not melted for the last 5 days?!