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An Inspector Calls review - Wyndhams Theatre thriller on a limited run

An+Inspector+Calls+review+Wyndhams+Theatre+Singaporean+in+LondonSet in Victorian England before the outbreak of the Great War, the story was one that many of those who had taken Literature in their GCSE O levels were quite familiar with.

An Inspector Calls
, which played at Wyndhams Theatre, depicted the hypocrisy of the rich (business owning middle class in this instance) and how their actions affected the downtrodden working masses. Eva Smith, who was also known as Daisy Renton just before she was supposedly driven to suicide by the collective actions by the Birling family, had her case brought to light by a certain Inspector Goole.

The audience was greeted with a stage that had a red telephone booth on the extreme left where the stage was twisted downwards thereby making it a prop that was essentially part of the play yet conveniently tucked aside. Though the stage was relatively small and shallow, it was made wider and deeper by the clever backdrop of a distant mansion and the Birling residence that was perched up on stilts thereby effectively dividing the the stage into two floors.

An+Inspector+Calls+review+Wyndhams+Theatre+Singaporean+in+LondonEvery effort was made by the production to convey the atmosphere of the typical foggy English evening that provided the settings for the play. Right at the onset, fumes were released and blown towards the audience and within seconds, the entire ground floor audience were surrounded by 'fog' and one could almost imagined to be perching just outside the Birlings', listening into the dinner conversation.

Of course, like all good stories, An Inspector Calls had a twist at the end. However, even to the rest of us who were totally clueless, the convincing acting of the cast, especially the characters of Sybil and Sheila Birling, led the audience towards the inevitable.

An Inspector Calls is for those who would like their GCSE text comes alive or simply to have a good old fashioned thriller. The play is of limited run till March 2010, book your tickets in advance.

An Inspector Calls
Wyndhams Theatre
Charing Cross Road
London WC2H 0DA

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Karin said...

hmm, read a very good review of "an inspector calls" just a while back but wasn't sure if this was the same production - that one was supposedly showing at the novello, not wyndham's