Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kingly Court shopping mall - a collection of quirky young designer stores off Carnaby Street

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Given a choice, I will avoid walking along Regent Street at all costs. Instead, if I have to walk from Oxford Street to Piccadilly Circus, I will cut in from Liberty Shopping Mall at Great Marlborough Street and then onto Carnaby Street.

It's like a totally different world once I am onto Carnaby Street. Tourists generally don't venture away from Regent Street where Hamleys, Apple Store, Banana Republic, National Geographic and other brandnames are. The tacky balloons installed along Carnaby Street around Christmas help too - last year they were into huge snowmen and it's all lovey dovey this time round.

Outside cafe seating with warm open fire heating at Kingly Court

But my favourite spot in Carnaby Street has to be Kingly Court. An enclousure housing trendy cafes and young designers' stores, a yoga studio and even a jewellery making studio, not to mention Cha Cha Moon where I head for my char kuey teow fix.

Cha Cha Moon (neon blue signboard on the ground floor) - one of the main reason why people flock to Kingly Court

Full of quirky designer shops in its three floors

For obvious reasons, while London is hit with one the coldest winter in recent years, tagging along Wife as she weaved in and out of the Kingly's quirky (and warm) shops isn't so unbearable after all.

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Anonymous said...

Yea, I try to avoid that bit as well, but I do love Kingly Court. Have you ever been to Ain't Nothin But - the teeny blues bar on Kingly Street? Good stuff!

C K said...

No, I haven't. Will head there the next time round. Thanks for the heads up!