Tuesday, January 26, 2010

London Chow - when eating gets out of hand

It's no secret that I love my food but after my friends learnt about London Chow, I begin to get lots of comments about the places they dine at.

"Kai is good. In fact, I would give 8/10 for its ambience and its service is top notched, would give it 9/10" one said.

Just the other day, HP was lunching with us at Min Jiang and clearly wasn't impressed with the food. "Give it 3/5, it's barely passable for the price and hype." she said under her breath while we were sipping our tea towards the end of the meal.

London Chow banner

What started as a spin off from Singaporean in London has taken a life of its own. Over time, I have gotten into a habit of photographing food before I tuck in, and then keep receipts as a reminder of the meal - at least till I've posted about it.

I'm not a food puritan. To me, as long as a dish taste right (to me least), I'm not especially upset if it's not prepared 'like it should be'. One such example was Cha Cha Mooli. Although Cha Cha Moon's Whiteleys branch has since closed down, the Cha Cha Moon at Kingly Court is still going strong. So give it a try if you are in the vicinity.

Not surprisingly, most of the places that I've dine in come recommended by people I've come across. Through blogging, I've come to know a number of food bloggers (Kang at London Eater, Luiz at The London Foodie and Krista at Londonelicious among them) and get my 'leads' from them.

In fact, I'm busy preparing for my annual pilgrimage back home... planning for the list of eating places I have to visit. Will be reporting about them over here when I'm back. Meanwhile, please let me know if you come across any good eating places be it in London or Singapore.

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Joanne said...

Hi CK,

Here are my favourite places in London from my brief visits there:

Kam Fung

Kensington Creperie http://www.kensingtoncreperie.com

Bar Ciao

La Porchetta http://www.laporchettapizzeria.co.uk/

And in Singapore, I like


Oriole Cafe

Cashmere said...


Great to be back here again..
Well anyway, tell me which Singaporean don't like to eat and source for food?? lol! And we do have something in common! hahah! I like to photograph my (and other friend's) food as well before I eat..

I used to keep receipts but not anymore now.. They just piled up and I just stopped.. lol! But I still do when I'm overseas so I can blog about it and provide the exact price.. :D

p/s : Happy belated 2010! Haven't wished you yet.. ;P

C K said...

Thanks! I pass by La Porchetta every now and then but have not heard of the rest as yet. Will definitely go find out and report it on London Chow.

Haha, Wife was just telling me about hungrygowhere.com. Only we (as in S'poreans) can think of a name like that. Hopefully, I can squeeze in Chalk and Oriole Cafe in my schedule.


Happy new year to you too! And happy CNY in advance.

Ah... a fellow food blogger. So much food, so little time, isn't it? :)