Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow hits London, treacherous roads and flared tempers

Angel+Islington+heavy+snow+fall+Singaporean+in+LondonHaving convinced that Central London was going to escape the 'heaviest snow to hit the UK in the last 30 years', I turned in before midnight. I was pleasantly surprised when I drew open the blinds in the next morning to find the entire area covered with white.

Much to my disappointment, instead of the expected 16cm, we got at most 5cm of snow, which was hardly enough to justify me not turning up for work. As I trudged through the thin white layer, I couldn't help but noticed that large parts of the pavement and roads were already covered with hard ice.

A walk to the Tube station that normally took me just 10min had slowed to a crawl, and I could see people walking gingerly on the street though I suspect a fall would cause more hurt to one's pride.

I finally reached the Tube station only to find out that the train lines were running. Darn. Another reason to be absent for work gone. With some bus services terminated due to 'treacherous' road conditions, the Tube's platform was packed. Tempers flared when a train had to unload all its passengers due to defective door. Murphy's Law was clearly working overtime.

Treacherous icy pavements lined with abandoned Christmas trees

Normally I would be standing by, stared into empty space and minded my own business. Instead I was standing right at the edge of the crowded platform staring right into the train tracks. I glanced furgitively around my shoulder at the bickering couple behind me - the last thing I wanted was to be under the train instead of in the train.

I finally shuffled into the office an hour later. Ab came in just behind me grimacing.

"Had a fall?" I asked. He nodded pathetically.

Well, it could had been worse.

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Nomadic Matt said...

that's hardly anything! A light dusting

William K wallace said...

There is nothing quite like a wee bit of snow. I find it all great fun. I wish I was better prepared and had a sledge so I could have popped over to Primrose Hill and reminded myself on my youth.

Being an Aberdonian and quite used to wild wintery weather conditions, I find what we are having in London is all a bit tame. I have slipped and fallen flat on the ground many times in years gone by, normally when I have walked on a piece of black ice. There is nothing you can do when that happens apart from hitting the deck and have a good laugh about it.

C K said...

Agreed, a light dusting it is. Even the frozen bit was gone when I returned from work just now.

I think Greater London got it worse.

@William Wallace,
Some postmen were caught on BBC slugging snowballs at each other while a policeman was seen sliding down a slope using his riot shield! Jolly good fun.

It's all flat here. A pity.