Wednesday, February 24, 2010

After Noah traditional toys and games - Brings out the kid in you

I have always been fascinated by After Noah, the toy shop along Islington's Upper Street. I so believe that there's a child in everyone and that is particularly true with me. Till this day, I could easily spend hours in the toy section of a departmental store. Though Lego bricks and action figures no longer had the same hold on me, toys with a nostalgic feel always appeal to me. And that is what After Noah is all about.

The moment you step into After Noah, you'll find yourself wondering around in bewilderment, much like a child's first visit to a toy store. Tin toys, vintage board games, wooden model aeroplanes, soft toys and even small plastic soldiers and animals just to mention a few are strewn across the entire shop floor.

"Mummy, can I have this please?" a girl held up a patch doll pleaded with her sweetest voice.
The lady, presumably her mother, gave a sigh, "Fine, but only if you behave yourself."
Upon hearing that, the girl clutched the doll tightly, "You are the best, Mummy!"

Another boy entertained himself rolling a marble down a wooden slide toy at the back of the store under his father's watchful eyes. "Wow, look at that!" the boy exclaimed as the marble rolled down through various hoops and eventually come to a stop at the bottom while Dad nodded his head with approval.

As his boy moved on to inspect the model aeroplanes, his father took a marble, placed it at the top of the slide and gave a soft chuckle as the marble rolled down, before joining his son.

Like I said, there's a kid in everyone.





121 Upper Street
London N1 1QP
Tel: 020 7359 4281

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John | English Wilderness said...

This looks great, what a shame I missed it when I visited London. I did discover Playin' Games on Museum Street which is pretty good.

By the way how do you take photos in shops? Do you ask permission, just go ahead or try to take them when no-one's looking? I'm just wondering because I'm a bit shy about taking pics in shops :-)

C K said...

After Noah is abit off the usual route and I think there are similar shops nearer to the City proper.

Normally I would just take a few quick shots using my phone but for the case of After Noah, I did ask for permission for some close up shots. :)