Saturday, February 6, 2010

Camden Passage Antique Market - where the real antique enthusiasts go

Before the eBay era, antique enthusiasts could only turn to auction houses and the occasional garage sale to hunt for the ever elusive prize. A real enthusiast would have his or her favourite hangouts - definitely not along the main streets of Portobello Market at Notting Hill and Camden Market but somewhere tucked further away where tourists would not venture.


Even though Camden Passage Mall has been shut down by the local council, the Antique Market along Camden Passage and Pierrepont Arcade at Angel Islington (5 minutes walk from Angel Tube station) is alive and well.

Every Saturday morning, the sleepy passage are lined with makeshift stalls displaying their wares. Old globes, out of print Tube and bus maps, antique cameras, assorted suitcases and even incomplete billard balls set. You'll be surprised at what knick knacks you can dig up in some of these stalls.


Pierrepont Arcade, however, is better known for its antique jewellery, watches and even chinawares. One would just have to venture into an enclousure that would bring you round to the back where you could fine shops with quaint displays.


Granted that Camden Passage may not be the most refine of antique markets. Then again, that's also where it'll be more likely to find something to your liking going at reasonable prices. If antiques are not your cup of tea, there is a small book market in the same area during Wednesdays' noon.

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