Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mad rush at London's Chinatown - countdown to Chinese New Year reunion dinner

I gave my folks back home a call this morning and they were having their reunion dinner, without me of course. "What are you having for dinner tonight?" Mum enquired. I mumbled something along going down to Chinatown and see what I would get. The conversation then went onto the routine of comparing the temperature between London and Singapore, which for obvious reasons never failed to be a point of fascination. Mum could never imagine how, after living for decades in a tropical isle with year round temperature of 30C, I could even survive in London. Sometimes I wonder about that as well.

Anyway, my mind was already wondering off and making a mental list of what I would get at Chinatown later. Three Roasts (roast duck, roast pork and charsiew) at Four Seasons was a must and probably some Chinese biscuits at Wonderful Patisserie. To top it up, I would get a fish or two with a couple of scallops at Steve Hatt. With the plan in mind, I headed off to Leicester Square.


Chaos reigned at Chinatown. With only a few hours till the reunion dinner, there was a mad rush for foodstuff and groceries at grocery stores along Gerrard Street and Lisle Street. Though queues had yet to form at the restaurants but that would certainly change towards dinnertime.


Gerrard Street, which was the main artery of London's Chinatown, had become a tourist magnet for the day. Tourists with their SLRs were posing in front of the Chinatown's archway while some of those who were more into photography were already picking the best spots with cameras mounted on tripods.


Well, here I am trying to finish this post before I go tuck into the spread already waiting for me. Here's wishing you a prosperous Chinese New Year!

The Three Roast from Four Seasons

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Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Happy Chinese New Year! I'll be in Singapore this time next week - got any tips? xx

Emm said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Your photos look lovely but it is probably much better to be at home now rather than fighting for places and standing in lines, as you say!

Aidyl said...

Nice pictures! But busy busy! ^^"

Happy Chinese New Year!!
Wishing you all the best!! =)

Nora Din said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai.
Happy Chinese New Year CK.

FĂ«anor said...

Gong Xi Fa Chai, old buddy! Hope you had a good one.

C K said...

@Top Bird,
Thanks! Tips? Coming right up!

Thanks! Sometimes, it's really the atmosphere... like standing out in the cold for hours at the New Year Countdown. :)

Cheers! Btw, your 'Tiger' biscuits look fantastic!

@Nora Din,
Thanks! Did you get a chance to drop by Chinatown back home?

Hey bud! Had too much meat over a single weekend. Trying to survive on salads for the time being... Pret's the way to go...

Hope that the recent wet weather didn't get to you. :)