Thursday, February 4, 2010

An unlikely Valentine's Day gift but still...

As most would attest, buying a Valentine's Day gift is easy but getting a unique one is literally an art in itself.

I mean, anyone could go get an overpriced bouquet of roses but then again the magical appeal of that slowly fades when every other couple on the streets during the special day will be holding one as well. What's worse is that Murphy's Law kicks in and their bouquets will always (and I mean always) be lusher, bigger and look fresher than yours. You'll never win with flowers.

What about soft toys then, you might ask. Unless you're dating an underage school girl, stay away from soft toys. Your date would have probably collected enough over the years to start her own shop by now.


Cue in the Robert Dyas solution to your predicament. For a mere tenner, you could surprise your loved ones with a Granny Racing track. Comes complete with durable plastic miniature grannies with their very own colour coded granny skirts and remote controls (for tweaking speed and nothing very much else).

I can hardly think of anything more romantic than doing some granny racing after a candlelight dinner. The only catch: batteries are not included.

Robert Dyas (Canary Wharf branch)
16-19 Canada Square
London E14 5EQ
Tel: 0207 513 0722

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Lucie said...

hahahahaha ... hilarious! You know, the best lovers are the ones who can make you laugh ... so why not! :o))

waitingkitty said...

So CUTE! I wonder if I can get 1 in Hong Kong?

C K said...

Well, you know what they say about humour will only get better with age. Enjoy V-day!

Haha, I can imagine HK do the Hello Kitty version.