Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bedroom Farce review (Duke of York's theatre) - good joyous fun

Some plays are funny because of their political insensitivities (think Avenue Q), others are funny because they brought a comical twist to the classics that we know so well (think 39 Steps), but some are simply funny because of the little mannerisms and subtleties the characters seek to portray. And Bedroom Farce at Duke of York's Theatre is one such play.


The prop setup was refreshing – three sets of bedrooms occupying the entire stage with an invisible wall between each of them. The scenes would rotate among these three bedrooms as the spotlight focused on each while the others took refuge in the darkness.

The story, which first played in Prince of Wales Theatre in 1978, revolved around four couples centred around one of them – Trevor and Susannah. The entire plot took shape after a furious row between the two of them in a housewarming party hosted by one of the couple. Throw in Trevor’s parents who were obviously quite contented in each others’ company and Trevor’s ex (with her present husband no less), you would be in for a treat.

Delivery was quick and furious with a well known cast including Daniel Betts (Malcolm), Sara Crowe (Jan), Tony Gardner (Nick), David Horovitch (Ernest), Rachel Pickup (Susannah), Jenny Seagrove (Delia), Orlando Seale (Trevor) and Finty Williams (Kate). The presence of Jenny’s Delia was undeniable; Delia clearly cared for Ernest as she tolerated his quirks and grumblings. But do look out for Tony’s Nick. Nick was never out of his bed (well, for most of the time anyway) due to a bad back but his cynicism and dry humour was a joy to watch.

When asked by Trevor what he liked about Jan, after going through all her good and bad points, he finished off with, “well, with all things considered, I could have done a lot worse.” The audience erupted with laughter at that line.

One point to note when getting a seat - as the play utilizes the entire width of the stage, seats at the edges are unlikely to get a full view. If you can help it, avoid getting the two seats at the edges of each row for stall seats.

Enough said, Bedroom Farce is currently playing at Duke of York's Theatre for only 14 weeks starting in end March. If you are game for an evening of good clean fun humour, Bedroom Farce is your show.Get your half priced tickets at London Theatre Direct.

Bedroom Farce
Duke of York's Theatre
Upper St. Martin's Lane
London WC 2H

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